VU Afro Society  is led by volunteers composed of students with diverse skills and academic background, who are passionate about making social changes within their university community.

Since we can’t change reality, let’s change the eyes which see reality “Nikos Kazantzakis”

Mission statement

The objective of Afro society is to reduce isolation and ease assimilation of new and current students by creating a vibrant and supportive environment, where students are motivated and engaged in university life beyond studying and achieve a network through shared interests or activities.


The aim of this society is to build a social capital where we can have a platform and friendly environment, that will enable us to showcase our unique and vibrant continent, and the beauty that it is. We want to build a strong social atmosphere for new and already existing students to feel a part of a community, through networking and activities.


Respect: Value and acknowledge people’s opinions and differences.

Inclusivity: To build a comprehensive community.

Unity: Bring people of all cultural background together through harmony.

Integrity: To act honestly, ethically and fair. Impact: To enable, inspire and empower Victoria university students.