African cookout

Date: 5th May 2020

Time: 11:30am-1:30pm

Location: Foostcray Campus


Join us as we host our African cookout. An African cookout as a twist on the Australian barbie, these happened all over Africa as South Africans have a braai, Kenyans have nyama chona and our brothers and sisters in Nigeria have a suya.

Us at VU afro are now calling it a cookout were we will be serving and sharing the beautiful variations of bbqs that happened throughout Africa. We will be sharing 2 different packs from Nigeria that would include Suya, fried plantain and jollof rice. Our South African pack that will include sadza, fried greens and bbq chicken. We also have a vegan pack on that day to cater for such dietary requirements and our meat is all halal.

This event will bring you back to the Sunday family bbq that has good food, good vibes and good music. We will be celebrating the food and culture that Africa has to offer and bring it altogether with great music beans bags, picnic area and good vibes.

The best part is that the event is free, we do have a donation box and it would be great if you can donate so we can be able to provide more of these events.